Police: Charlie Sheen’s Neighbor Tried to Strangle the ‘Two and a Half Men’ Star

LOS ANGELES - JUNE 10: Actor Charlie Sheen arrives at Chrysalis' 5th Annual Butterfly
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Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen’s neighbor forced her way into the actor’s house, ripped his shirt, and tried to strangle him, police say.

A 47-year-old woman forced her way into Sheen’s home and attacked him when he opened the door after hearing a knock, law enforcement told TMZ.

Police added that the woman, who was Sheen’s neighbor, also ripped the actor’s shirt and tried to strangle him, before eventually going back to her own house.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) reportedly responded to the incident on Wednesday. Paramedics also arrived at Sheen’s Los Angeles-area home, but the Three Musketeers star was not taken to the hospital.

The woman was later arrested at her home, and booked for assault with a deadly weapon, as well as burglary for allegedly forcing her way into Sheen’s home when she attacked him.

Sheen said he doesn’t know what caused the attack, but noted that this was not his first encounter with the woman. The actor told law enforcement that he believes the same neighbor had also recently squirted some type of sticky liquid onto his car.

A source close to Sheen told TMZ that the actor spoke to the woman after the incident involving his car, and their conversation was something along the lines of “letting bygones be bygones.”

The source added that the woman had also dumped trash at Sheen’s front door on Tuesday, the day before she physically attacked him, and that Sheen was the one who called 911 over the incident.

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