Watch: SNL Host Shane Gillis Sends Up Trump’s Golden Sneakers, Skit Mocks Biden’s Frailty

Shane Gillis returned to his well-worn impression of former President Donald Trump on the latest outing of  “Saturday Night Live” in a fake movie trailer centered on Trump’s recently released line of sneakers.

President Joe Biden’s physical frailty is also touched on at the end of the take on Trump.

The faux trailer for White Men Can Trump saw the main character transform his hopeless on-court skills by wearing pair of the new line of Trump gold high tops — which retail for $399 – before the rest of his life is similarly turned around.

As Breitbart News reported, Trump premiered his exclusive, signature brand of shoes last Saturday at “Sneaker Con,” modestly self-titled as “The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth.”

Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump holds a pair of his new line of signature shoes after taking the stage at Sneaker Con at the Philadelphia Convention Center on February 17, 2024 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Now they have graced the small screen via SNL.

“They gave me the power to say I’m good at basketball, then double down on that until people actually start to believe it,” Gillis’ character says.

Soon he’s able to convince his boss he deserves a bigger office, a scale that he weighs much less than he actually does, and a woman that he’s a human love machine in the bedroom.

Gillis’ character, now described as a “brand new man,” is eventually visited by another Trump, played by “SNL” cast member James Austin Johnson.

“Nice shoes. Well, you know, in many ways, the real magic has been inside of you all along,” Johnson as Trump tells Gillis’ Trump.

To which Gillis’ Trump replies:

“Wrong. It comes from the shoes. And you are coming off very stupid, and frankly, quite rude walking in here like this.”

The pice ends with a passing shot at Biden who boasts of his own “Air Bidens” only to fall over the second he receives the ball on court.

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