Louisiana’s Cajun Navy Goes to Tennessee to Assist Flooded Areas

A member of the Cajun Navy resue team walks in flooded waters in Lumberton, North Carolina

Louisiana’s Cajun Navy is headed to Tennessee on Tuesday to assist areas of the state ravaged by flooding after a strong storm pummeled the area.

The Cajun Navy — an all-volunteer group which assists communities struck by natural disasters — posted a video on its Facebook page Tuesday of the group getting out on a motorboat in Savannah, Tennessee, to survey the flooded areas.

A second video posted on the Cajun Navy Facebook page showed the group members filling up their pickup trucks the night before, with their motorboats in tow.

The group helps these disaster-struck communities by bringing motorboats and rescue aids to assist those trapped by flooding and distributes supplies to those in need, WZTV reported.

Flooding continues to be a concern in many areas of Tennessee near rivers and tributaries, and at least three people have died from the flooding since February 6, according to the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.

The increased flooding caused the state to declare a state of emergency, which remains in place as of Tuesday evening.

James Everett, manager at the Tennessee Valley Authority River Forecast Center, told WWLTV that, on average, 11 inches of rain fell over the 650-mile-long Tennessee River — two to three times the average monthly rainfall for the area.


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