Labour MP: 20,000 Migrants Not Enough, Who Cares If We Wait Longer For Hospitals, Or If Our Schools Are Full?

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Labour Member of Parliament Rachael Maskell has revealed some of her and her colleagues true intentions for the United Kingdom by declaring that Britain should take as many migrants as it can until we are at “saturation point”.

Speaking at a pro-migrant rally on Saturday, Ms. Maskell, the Member of Parliament for York Central, declared:

“We need to shout so much more and say 20,000 is not enough, 30,000 is not enough. We will keep going until we hit our saturation point because what does it matter if we have to wait another week for a hospital visit?  Or if our class sizes are slightly bigger? Or if our city is slightly fuller? What does it matter if things are slightly more challenging? If we have to pay a little bit more into the system? Surely it is worth it to see those lives being restored again.”

Ms. Maskell’s comments reflect on of the first times that a Labour MP has admitted that mass migration puts extra pressure on the health services, schools, and overcrowding. She also makes it clear that the “system” – by which she presumably means the welfare system – will need Britons to pay more into it to accomodate more migrants.

Her comments were cheered by hundreds who took to the streets of York this weekend to urge that the government take more migrants into Britain, at the same time that Germany was closing her borders with Austria after being overwhelmed by people.

Ms. Maskell is a former physiotherapist who has worked within the National Health Service (NHS) and as the “Head of Health” for hardline trade union Unite.

She was questioned on BBC Radio York on Sunday about the issue. She said: “The reality is the world is changing and we need to be changed by it.”

She admitted that hospital waiting lists were already too long, and that a large influx of people into Britain would make the waiting lists longer. Her answer to this was for the government to spend even more tax payer money on the already bloated NHS.

BBC York followed up Ms. Maskell’s comments with an interview with an imam of a local mosque, who of course welcomed her comments. He called people who didn’t want to welcome hundreds of thousands of migrants to Britain, “selfish” and said they “don’t know struggle”.

The BBC has come under fire for its highly biased coverage of the migrant crisis so far.




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