Danish Islamic State Fighter Killed In Syria Closely Tied To Paris Attacks

militant photo via AP
militant photo via AP

A Danish citizen killed in a drone attack while fighting for Islamic State in Syria is said to have been aware of “every single detail” of November’s Paris attacks having been directly in touch with the terrorists.

The Danish Islamic State fighter was reportedly the victim of a drone attack on the IS operational centre, and de-facto capital, of Raqqa (pictured above) on 7 December, less than a month after the terrorist attacks in Paris which killed 13. The anti-IS campaign group, Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently (RSS), told Danish newspaper Berlingske that he was killed while driving a senior Islamic State commander in a BMW on a main road.

RSS — an underground citizen journalism initiative — reports to the outside world from within IS-held territory exposing acts committed against citizens both by the Bashar Al-Assad regime and IS. One of its chosen methods for opposing IS is to publish information the terror group would rather keep silent, including using social media to disseminate video recordings and images smuggled out of Raqqa.

It has said that the dead Danish Islamic State fighter referred to by Berlingske as “R.T.” is in fact Rawand Taher.

The alleged jihadist, who is said to have also been known by the alias Abu Maryam al-Kurdistan, was a Danish citizen of Kurdish-Iraqi background with an education in engineering. Speaking to Berlignske a member of RSS said:

“We are positive that R.T. is dead. He knew every single detail in the Paris attacks and was in contact with some of the perpetrators both before and after the attacks.”

The success of RSS has led to the deaths of several volunteers, and even the father of one, at the hands of IS executioners in Raqqa.

In October, a 20-year old activist called Ibrahim Abdul Qadir and his friend Fares Hamadi were stabbed and beheaded in Urfa, Turkey for having “conspired with the Crusaders against the Islamic State.” The carefully planned operation was the first acknowledged assassination outside of IS-controlled territory.

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