French Court Sentences Sri Lankan Migrant for Pouring Superglue on His Wife’s Genitals

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AP/Christophe Ena

A court in the heavily migrant populated Seine-Saint-Denis area has sentenced a Sri Lankan man to two years in prison after he poured superglue into his wife’s genitals in an act of jealous rage.

The migrant, said to be in his 30s, committed the brutal attack after the relationship between the pair had deteriorated over a period of several months, newspaper Nouvelle Tribune reports.

According to investigators, the man had been jealous of his spouse’s ex-partner with whom she had a child. After finding his phone number on her mobile phone, he was sent into a rage and smashed it.

A short time after the incident, on a Sunday, the Sri Lankan attacked his wife and raped her. He then punched her in the face and poured superglue on her genitals.

The migrant was arrested a short time later and appeared in court the following Wednesday. Admitting to the assault, he told the judge, “I loved her a lot, but I thought she betrayed me.”

The victim also testified saying, “I never thought that he was going to hit me, he loved me, took good care of my son. It’s because of me that he will be punished.”

In addition to the two-year sentence, the man has been given an order not to make contact with his wife for three years.

The case is the latest brutal assault to involve Sri Lankan migrants in the Paris area this year. In March, Sri Lankan migrants attacked another Sri Lankan man in a restaurant in Paris’s 10th arrondissement over what was believed to be a dispute between rival gangs.

Two hooded men armed with a machete and a sabre attacked the victim, cutting off part of his arm and cutting at his scalp during the brutal incident.

Women in the heavily-migrant populated north of Paris claim to be constantly under threat of sexual assault and violence. Despite protests last year for politicians to tackle the issue, women say the situation in the area has become even worse.

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