Bristol University Moves to Cancel the Word ‘Maternity’

A hand holds up a small transgender pride flag in a Bristol Street. The transgender pride flag is a symbol of pride for the trans community. The blue and pink stripes represent traditional colours for a boy and girl, while the white stripe represents transitioning, intersex, neutral and undefined gender.
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A PhD student at Bristol University has claimed that she was accused of being ‘transphobic’ and referred to human resources for saying only biological women can give birth.

Raquel Rosario-Sanchez a PhD student at Bristol University has begun a sex discrimination and negligence case against the university following her referral to Bristol’s human resources department and being labelled “transphobic” when she said that only biological women can give birth. Rosario-Sanchez was also ordered to apologise, despite being factually accurate in her statement.

The PhD student was also told by another staff member that after removing the words “woman”, “her” and “she” from Bristol University’s maternity policy, those responsible for diversity policies at the university told the staff member that the word “maternity” was “exclusionary” and “problematic”.

Rosario-Sanchez is also taking legal action against the university after they ignored a two year organised campaign of abuse Sanchez experienced from transgender activists after attending feminist meetings that advocated for women-only spaces such as toilets and changing rooms, the Daily Mail reports.

Bristol University also stands accused of ignoring Sanchez’s complaints about biological men using female changing rooms – even after it was reported that some were dressed in men’s clothes and had male anatomies.

Political commentator Sophie Corcoran told Breitbart that Bristol’s “woke” maternity policy is actually “deeply misogynistic and regressive”.

“Banning of the word ‘maternity, is deeply misogynistic and regressive, these universities that try to be woke and just walking blindfolded in the wrong direction. Maternity is a thing, motherhood is a thing, you can’t just take that away”, Corcoran said.

Bristol University has declined to comment on the case due to the ongoing “legal action”, it was reported.

Bristol University is not alone amongst British educational institutions in scrapping gendered words for woke terminology. Breitbart reported in March 2021 that Britain’s second-largest university, Manchester University, told its staff to refrain from using gendered terms such as “mother” and “man”, and instead use more “inclusive” language.

In a guide released by the university for their academic staff, they suggested replacing “he/she” with “they/them”, and swapping “manpower” with “workforce” and “mankind” with “humankind”.

Manchester University justified this move by saying: “binary gender terms (man/woman, girl/boy) have traditional associations with sex, but we now recognise how some people identify with a gender opposite to that assigned to them as a child (trans) and others identify neither as men nor women (non-binary or genderfluid).”

LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall has also told British schoolteachers that they should remove all “gendered” language from classrooms and refrain from dividing sports by sex, as Breitbart reported in June 2021.

Stonewall also advised schools to allow pupils who believe they are transgender to have complete access to changing rooms, toilets, showers, dormitories and they should decide which one they feel most comfortable in.

The British government has started to distance itself from the radical LGBTQ+ charity, with the Department of Health quitting Stonewall’s ‘Diversity Champions’ programme in November 2021. However, the government still awarded Stonewall at least £2,616,102 in funding between 2015 and 2019, and multiple British schools pay between £150-800 plus VAT to be Stonewall’s “School & College Champions” so they can access Stonewall’s ‘educational’ packs and advice.



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