Woman Prays Under Husband’s Hospital Window as He Fights Coronavirus

A Texas woman is determined to be with her husband and pray for him under his window while he is hospitalized with the coronavirus.

The last time Michelle Gutierrez saw her husband in person was nearly a month ago on July 8, the day she took him to the hospital because he had a nasty cough that would not go away. But she has vowed to be by his side ever since his hospital admission.

Her husband David tested positive for the coronavirus a week before he was admitted to the hospital, but by July 18, he needed a ventilator to help him breathe, WTLV reported.

It was at that moment Michelle decided that she would come to the hospital every night no matter what, sending texts filling the day and arriving outside St. Luke’s Hospital in the Woodlands each evening.

“I know he is in a coma. He cannot read it right now, but my hope is he’ll get it when he wakes up and he’ll know I was there,” Michelle told KHOU.

Michelle begins and ends her day sending letters and notes to her husband.

“Yes, in the morning I would write him, ‘Good morning sunshine’ and in the evening I will fill him in with what went on that day,” she said.

A nurse hand delivers each letter that Michelle writes to him, and the collection has grown quite a bit.

She prays that David can eventually read all the letters she wrote to him.

Michelle got to visit David for the first time since his hospitalization on August 4 for ten minutes through a glass window. Although he remained in a coma, she was able to speak to him via intercom.

Even though he is not able to respond yet, she is still praying.

“I can see him in my mind,” Michelle said. “I can put it all together when I’m praying, I can see him in that bed, and it puts a smile on even though he isn’t where I want him to be.”


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