Report– Mississippi Woman Rescues Two from House Fire: ‘It Was Me and the Good Lord’

A good Samaritan says, “the grace of God” helped her rescue two elderly women from a house fire in Vicksburg, Mississippi, on Friday.

Ceola Parker noticed her neighbors’ home was on fire Friday morning in the 1000 block of Speed Street and quickly dialed 911, according to the Vicksburg Daily News.

“When I dialed 911, I seen the flames. I stopped the neighbor across the street to ask him if there were old ladies in the house. He said, ‘yes,'” she told the outlet.  

Parker quickly sprung into action. 

“I ran over there. I heard the first old lady screaming. I got her out of the house and got her down the steps,” she recounted. “There was another old lady; she was in the fire in the doorway. I was trying to get her. I got her and got her to the step way.”

At that point, Parker says Officer Tommy Curtis arrived, according to the Vickburg Daily News. She told the outlet that she and Curtis assisted the woman down the walkway and safely to Parker’s truck away from the blaze. 

The good Samaritan says the woman recently suffered a stroke and has Alzheimer’s.

Neither woman was injured in the blaze that is believed to have been caused by a faulty space heater, the Vicksburg Post reports.

Vicksburg Fire Chief Craig Danczyk praised Parker for her brave actions.

“The good Samaritan was something that was needed,” Danczyk told the Post. “She helped them get out of harm’s way.”

Parker says God made the rescue possible.

“I was scared, but the grace of God — I keep God first in everything that I do … It was me and the Good Lord that saved them,” she told the Vicksburg Daily News as she fought through tears.

“I thank God I was here at the time to be a guardian angel to help save them because, without me, they probably would have been burnt up,” she added as tears streamed down her face. 


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