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Police Tape

‘Good Samaritan’ Shoots Man Attacking Mother As She Loaded Infant Into Car

The mother was reportedly loading her child in the car when two men attacked her from behind–specifically striking her in the back of the head. The mother screamed and a man whom police refer to as “good Samaritan No. 1” ran to her aid, only to be shot “multiple times” by one of the men. “Good Samaritan No. 2” then entered the fray with his gun drawn and shot and killed one of the two attackers. The second attacker fled.


Watch: Man Gives Shirt Off His Back to Shivering Man on Subway

Friday night, 23-year-old Joey Resto said he was on a New York subway when he spotted a homeless man in his car. The other passengers sat far away because of the stench surrounding the man. Upon seeing the condition of the

New Orleans Police Department

Media Refuse to Report Suspect’s Race After Good Samaritan Is Shot

Police are now searching for Euric Cain, a black gunman who allegedly attempted to kidnap a woman in New Orleans but was stopped by a heroic medical student. Before the suspect was identified by police, media had provided little help by avoiding the description of the suspect due to politically correct fears about race.

Deputy Walsh

Citizens Rescue Florida Cop From Being Beaten

Three men disregarded their own safety, jumped in, and stopped a man who was beating a Florida cop after being he was stopped for a traffic violation on Sunday. The three men witnessed a man punching the Florida cop in the head and face and jumped in to save him.

Josh Cyganik/Facebook

Good Samaritan Persuades Volunteers to Paint Elderly Man’s Home

After he heard two teenagers mock an elderly man’s house, saying, “Look at this crappy house! They just need to burn it down,” Josh Cyganik, a track inspector for Union Pacific Railroad, posted a message on Facebook, successfully rallying volunteers to help him repaint the man’s home.

Park County, Wyoming, Sheriff’s Office via AP

Mother and Father Shot to Death After Attempt to Help Stranded Motorist

On Wednesday morning, a Montana father and mother were shot and murdered, and their daughter was seriously wounded in Pryor, Montana, when they emulated the Good Samaritan and attempted to help Jesus Deniz Mendoza, 18, whose car was stopped on the side of the road on the Crow Indian Reservation.