WATCH: Secret Santa Gives Couple Who Wash Dishes in Shower $10K for Home Repairs

An anonymous donor in Idaho is busy giving gifts to people in need during the holidays with the help of a local news reporter.

For the past 18 months, April and Bryan Cole have experienced challenge after challenge, according to

“Last December, their daughter Rebecca was admitted to the PICU with an unknown condition. Her stay was several days and she had to return in January for surgery,” the report said.

Not long after, Bryan developed debilitating migraines and an eye condition that required treatment which caused him to be out of work for several months until his doctor found a medication to help him get back to his job.

When April’s mom fell and broke her ankle, she was in the hospital for a week and due to the coronavirus, only one visitor was allowed to see her.

April spent hours every day caring for her mother and took time away from her job to take her to doctor’s appointments after she was released.

In addition to large medical bills, the Cole family was also forced to postpone house and car repairs.

“Currently, their home has no running water in the kitchen and they haven’t had the funds to hire someone to find out why and to fix it. They wash dishes in their shower since they don’t have a tub,” the outlet explained, adding that their stove also stopped working.

However, when the anonymous donor learned of their need, he asked reporter Nate Eaton to surprise them over the weekend with a special gift at their home in Shelley.

“Secret Santa asked if we could give them $10,000, and let’s go surprise them,” Eaton said before meeting up with the couple.

When they opened the box with the check inside, Bryan and April shed tears of joy and hugged each other.

“That can maybe get your water fixed and a washer and dryer… whatever else you need,” Eaton told the couple as they expressed their thanks.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Eaton said he was “thankful for running water, appliances, good health and people like April and Bryan who keep their heads up through hard times.”


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