Report: Islamic State Twitter Traffic Down 45% as Encrypted App Popularity Rises

It’s a sign of our curious times that the Obama administration is touting how much ground ISIS has lost on Twitter. The Islamic State’s social media operation is often credited for their success at recruiting both foot soldiers in the Middle East and “lone wolf” jihadis around the world, so a dramatic reduction of their online footprint would be good news, if that is indeed what’s happening.


Police Hunt ‘Anonymous’ For Criticising Migrants

German police are hunting down the operator of a Facebook page of the “anonymous” group for criticising migrants. In the latest crack down on online speech, the anonymous group, who originated on notorious website 4chan, are in the sights of


Israel Bracing for Hacker Group Anonymous’ Annual Cyberattack

JERUSALEM – Israel’s cyber security community is bracing for a coordinated global attack by the hacker group Anonymous, scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 7. An annual campaign, #OpIsrael began in 2013 on Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. Its goal, according to Techcrunch, was

People wearing Guy Fawkes masks demonstrate prior to the trial of three 'Anonymous' for their alleged involvement in cyber attacks targetting institutional websites, on November 9, 2015 in front of Nancy's courthouse, eastern France.

Anonymous Declares 11 December ‘ISIS Trolling Day’

Anonymous has declared December 11th “ISIS Trolling Day.” The hackers call on web users to spend the day antagonizing, mocking, and disrupting the online propaganda of the Islamic State. In a widely-shared document, Anonymous instructs supporters to post mocking photos,


Anonymous’s Cyber-War On Islamic State Comes Under Fire

Fractures are emerging in Anonymous’s war on ISIS. We previously covered the hacking group’s alleged takedown of thousands of ISIS-affiliated social media accounts. But rival factions in Anonymous are now at odds over a list of alleged “ISIS targets” released


Anonymous Declares War on ISIS

That’s the motto of the hacking group and social movement Anonymous. It typically appears on their videos and messages when they announce a new target. Following the recent massacre in Paris, it seems their new target is the Islamic State.


Sandra Bland Protest: All White People Should Be Killed

WALLER COUNTY, Texas — Breitbart Texas was at the Waller County Sheriff’s Office county jail Saturday evening when a protester told reporters and others present, that all white people should be killed. She also called white people and reporters, “terrorists.” Her orders

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Anonymous to Protest Saturday in 35 US Cities — Threaten Cops, ‘No Mercy for Murderers’

A YouTube video message purportedly by the group Anonymous has issued a warning for U.S. police chiefs, Waller County police, and in particular, the Waller County Sheriff’s Department. In a threatening demand, the group told the Waller Sheriff’s Office, “We all know where you live. No mercy for murders.” The group plans protests in 35 cities throughout the U.S. on Saturday, August 8th.

Anonymous - Sandra Bland Protest