WATCH: Secret Santa Gives $1K Shoe Gift Card to Woman Who Uses Leg Braces

A young woman in Ammon, Idaho, got a very special delivery recently from a secret Santa who wanted to let her know she is loved.

The anonymous donor is busy handing out more than $500,000 in gifts to community members in need with the help of a local news team, according to

“Brooke Nichols has had spine, neck and other bone issues most of her life. She has been through multiple surgeries and wears braces on her legs,” the outlet said.

Because of her health issues, Brooke needs shoes called AFOS (accommodate ankle foot orthosis) that work with her braces to help her walk.

However, her Medicaid insurance does not cover the shoes and Brooke also needs a pair of boots to wear with the braces.

“Brooke was a duty aide at an elementary school but was laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She tries her best and always makes everyone around her feel special,” the outlet said.

When reporter Nate Eaton showed up at her house over the weekend, Brooke was unsure what to think at first.

“I’m shaking,” she told Eaton while opening the box that contained gift cards to Billy Footwear.

“There’s $1,000 of gift cards right there so you can get yourself some Billy shoes. There’s $100 on each of those papers, so you can just go online and choose whatever shoes you want,” Eaton said.

He then revealed another box that contained more gift cards so Brooke can buy clothes and food.

“Oh my gosh, thank you,” she commented, adding, “This is awesome. I like it a lot.”

Following the surprise, Eaton got a message from Brooke’s mother who said her daughter was overwhelmed by the gifts.

“Please tell Secret Santa thank you so much from us. Brooke is actually scheduled to have surgery on both her ankles on Jan. 20 so it couldn’t have come at a better time. We were so surprised. Brooke is still shaking and just cried when you left,” she wrote.


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