World Economic Forum Wants Government, Central Banks, Big Business to Help ‘Vaccinate the World’

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) believes a management triumvirate comprising big business, central banks and government can play a “pivitol role” in the global take-up of coronavirus vaccinations.

A WEF report published Tuesday points to the personal records held by big businesses as an asset in identifying those who need the vaccinations, underwritten by banking institutions and globalist organizations like the U.N.-subsidiary World Health Organization providing “tracing apps and digital health passports.”

“Workplace norms and employers that encourage pandemic-time discipline, even after the vaccination programs kickoff, will play a pivotal role in driving continued positive outcomes,” the report posits.

The WEF call came just hours after the Catholic church argued such a vaccine program should not be feared or countered – rather, treated as a natural course of global events.

The WEF paper goes on to say relying on employers is a natural solution, “Given that this is adult vaccination at a scale which we have not done ever before, it is only natural that the workplace will emerge as one of the key hubs for evangelizing and expanding vaccination cover.”

It then points to what it believes the combination of tech, big government, and globalist organizations can achieve:

Governments, central banks and organizations like W.H.O. are hugely supported by enterprises joining the good fight. Public-private partnerships, adopting the ‘all hands-on deck’ approach, have served us tremendously well even as corporations fight their own battle to protect employees, redeploy capabilities to help new pressing needs, steady cashflows and keep the economy running.

From contact tracing apps, digital health passports, technology for safer public spaces, vaccine discovery, logistics capabilities for vaccine distribution to massive philanthropic funding for community support, enterprises are truly partnering nations struggling to tide things over through these trying times.

The WEF urges big businesses to play their part, saying “employment records can serve as a rich source of demographic data – age, ethnicity and occupation, for example – to continue to support equitable vaccination coverage.”

Whether or not there is ever a total acceptance of the vaccine is a problem even the World Economic Forum admits to.

The report concludes “public hesitancy towards vaccination, brought on by a fear of side-effects, is rampant.

“In a June 2020 survey, conducted by the World Economic Forum’s COVID Action Platform, only 71.5% of participants reported that they would be very or somewhat likely to take a COVID-19 vaccine.”

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