Journalists Thank Jen Psaki After She Passes Out Cookies in Briefing Room

The White House / YouTube

White House press secretary Jen Psaki offered reporters cookies after the daily briefing on Friday.

“There’s one for each of you in here, we will do it in a COVID [coronavirus]-safe way,” she said.

Psaki said her mother-in-law made the cookies and had a White House aide pass them out to reporters.

“Wow!” some of the reporters in the room replied. “Thank you!”

Psaki said she was fulfilling a promise she made to the press to provide “snacks” to reporters after they patiently sat through a lengthy press briefing Thursday.

“Thanks for being so patient in your seats; I should have brought snacks today,” she commented lightly as the briefing wrapped up.

“You can bring one tomorrow,” one reporter replied.

“I can bring snacks tomorrow?” Psaki replied.

“Absolutely,” another reporter replied.

“COVID safe,” Psaki proposed. “A little snack bag for everyone.”

Psaki maintains a curious relationship with the press, sometimes complimenting the masks and socks of confrontational reporters or ignoring other questions in the room.

She joked about her relationship with reporters during an interview with National Public Radio in January.

“[W]hen reporters are getting really loud, or they’re starting to ask crazy questions, I just slow down my pace, and I talk very quietly, and I treat them like I’m an orderly sometimes in an insane asylum,” she said.


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