VIDEO: YouTubers Claiming They Found Missing Teen Say Operation Took 35 Minutes

Diving YouTubers who said they found missing California teenager, Kiely Rodni, explained t
Placer County Sheriff's Office

Diving YouTubers who said they found missing California teenager, Kiely Rodni, explained that the operation took half an hour.

The group called Adventures with Purpose launched its search at Prosser Creek Reservoir Sunday morning, the New York Post reported Monday.

The group eventually located what they believed to be the 16-year-old’s vehicle with a body still inside.

The search began at 10:40 a.m., head investigator, Doug Bishop, said Monday.

Adventures with Purpose made its announcement in a video titled, ” WE FOUND KIELY RODNI” which showed the team preparing for the search and one person getting ready to dive:

At 11:15 that morning, volunteer Nick Rinn detected something in the water while using sonar technology. The group determined it was a vehicle and divers said it belonged to the young woman, according to Bishop.

In a social media post on Sunday, News Nation’s Paige Lobdell reported authorities were on their way to the scene:

Meanwhile, authorities have not yet confirmed the body found belongs to the teenager who disappeared after a graduation party in the area a few weeks ago, according to the Post report. The outlet also said an update would take place later on Monday.

When asked how the group was able to find the vehicle when officials could not, Rinn explained it was not necessarily that the group’s technology was better.

“It’s that we use it more often and that’s literally what we specialize in,” he told Inside Edition:

It could possibly be at least the 24th case the team has solved in under three years.

Sheriff’s officials for Placer and Nevada counties previously said they devoted nearly 20,000 hours to the search with help from multiple agencies.

However, the discovery was made near the place Rodni was last spotted. It was also where authorities told the group they had performed a thorough search, a volunteer diver claimed.

But Bishop said Monday it had been a good experience working with local officials.

“It is always our mission to promote and share the techniques we utilize so that our purpose can help as many people as possible,” he commented.

In May, the team recovered the body of a missing Idaho teenager named Matthew Jedediah Hall from a car in an Idaho Falls river, according to Breitbart News.

The discovery happened four years after the young man vanished.


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