Customer Service, Elon Style: Musk’s Tesla Asks Man to Bring Car to Service Center After Fire Leaves It a Charred Ruin

In a shocking incident, a Tesla Model Y spontaneously caught fire on a California highway, leaving the owner, Bishal Malla, scrambling for answers from a largely unresponsive customer service team. Incredibly, Elon Musk’s Tesla asked him to bring the charred ruin left after a battery fire into a company service center. The owner responded, “How in the world am I going to do that?”

Tesla burning in California

‘Derelict Zombie Apocalypse:’ Twitter Employee Lawsuit Reveals Elon Musk’s Refusal to Pay Rent in San Francisco

Former Twitter employees are suing Elon Musk and his new holding company for Twitter, X. Corp, over allegations including fraud and breach of contract related to claims of unpaid severance. But some of the most interesting revelations from the lawsuit are the exposure of Musk’s attitude towards paying rent for the company’s buildings. Musk reportedly said in one conversation that he would pay rent “over his dead body.” His lawyer later claimed that charging rent in “derelict zombie apocalypse” San Francisco is unreasonable.

elon musk