Photos, Videos: Protesters Square Off Outside Donald Trump Los Angeles Speech

Breitbart News

2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump drew protesters and counter-protesters outside a Los Angeles hotel as he addressed a group of Hollywood conservatives Friday evening.

Trump’s plans to address the group Friends of Abe was leaked to entertainment news outlets, informing pro-amnesty protesters of the event’s time and venue. The activists, angered by Trump’s condemnation of violent crime by illegal immigrants, displayed signs in English and Spanish, plus a piñata in Trump’s likeness. However, the protesters found themselves facing off with Trump supporters, who held signs reading “stop illegal immigration” and “Make America great again”–Trump’s campaign slogan.

Breitbart News captured images and video from the showdown:


A sign shows photoshopped pink hair on Donald Trump, calling him “Miss U.S.A.” Several hosts and broadcasters cut ties with Trump’s beauty pageant over remarks made during his campaign kickoff speech. Trump fired back at Univision, the company that led the charge, with a $500 million lawsuit charging breach of contract.


Trump supporters hold a sign calling him the “best man for the job.”

image (10)


A sign made by the anti-war group ANSWER says the campaign against Trump is for the larger purpose of fighting “white supremacy.”

IMG_0068 IMG_0072

The organization represented by this banner is the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, which says its mission is to “shine a light in the shadows to expose the hypocrisy of our broken immigration policies and to empower immigrant families.” The Spanish translation of the English sign demanding “Dump Mr. Trump” reads: “to the trash, Mr. Trump.”



The Trump piñata.