Donald Trump: ‘I Don’t Think of Nixon When I Think of the Silent Majority’

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Donald Trump speaks candidly with Washington Post reporter Robert Costa about a variety of topics centering on his 2016 presidential campaign–where his ongoing fight with mainstream media has rocketed him to the top of the Republican field, shocking the Washington establishment.

From the Washington Post:

Many Republican officials have asked you to tone down your immigration comments. It doesn’t seem like you’re listening to their advice.

I respect the people in the Republican Party, but this is a very important issue and it can’t be toned down. It’s an issue that wants to be silenced. Remember I told you the story about the guy they were going after, that killer, and when they heard he was he was an illegal immigrant it was like he was protected? If he were a citizen, they’d put him in jail for life.

How did you come up with “the silent majority” as a theme for your Saturday speech?

I was just thinking about it today. When I heard about this overwhelming — I’m telling you, it was 500 people at the start and the hotel called us begging to be released. They said they never had anything like this and we had to move the venue. I said to myself, ‘That’s the silent majority.’

You don’t care about the Nixon overtones?

Nah. Nobody remembers that. Oh, is that why people stopped using [the phrase]? Maybe. Nobody thinks of Nixon. I don’t think of Nixon when I think of the silent majority. The silent majority today, they’re going to vote for Trump. Remember, many Republicans didn’t vote for Mitt Romney. He didn’t inspire people. They’re going to vote for me. And I’ll also get the Hispanics, you watch.

Do you see your bid as similar to Ross Perot’s 1992 maverick presidential campaign?

No. I don’t consider Perot a movement. This is a movement. It’s a different movement than I think you’ve ever seen before. Angry, sad, disappointed, devastated by what’s happened to the country. Mourning. Some of these people who’ve lost their kids to [illegal immigrants], it’s mourning. I spoke to one of the mothers today who came to see me, lost her son five years ago. It was like it was yesterday. Their lives are [expletive] over. She’ll never be happy. This campaign is about making America great again. I copyrighted it.

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