Bobby Jindal Slams Jeb Bush for Endorsing Amnesty for All Illegals in Telemundo Interview

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

On CBS This Morning, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal criticized former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for endorsing amnesty to all of the illegal aliens who broke into the country and live here in defiance of our laws.

The hosts first tried to get Jindal to denounce GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for declaring that Mexico is sending criminals such as rapistsmurderers, and drunk drivers across the border: “Do you think he should be in this race? What about his comments that he’s made?”

“Look, I think anytime the donors in New York or the smart people in D.C. try to clear the field or pick a candidate, it never works,” Jindal said. “I trust the American people. I think the voters are getting serious. They’re starting to pay attention to this race. I think they –”

“But he’s leading in the polls!” the host interrupted. “Amongst Republicans!”

“I trust the American people,” Jindal reiterated. “And I think at the end of the day, they’re going to vote for somebody who is an authentic outsider.”

Jindal explained that voters felt deeply betrayed by Republicans in Congress who, after campaigning against President Obama’s illegal deportation stay for minimum of five million illegal aliens, also known as executive amnesty, voted to fully fund it shortly thereafter.

“Right now, they’re frustrated,” Jindal said. “They sent Republican majorities to D.C., and nothing changed. Amnesty didn’t get repealed. Obamacare didn’t get repealed. We didn’t see them actually balance the budget. This is where I disagree — Jeb Bush says we have to be willing to lose the primary in order to win the general election.”

“I disagree with that,” Jindal continued. “If we’re going to run scared again — if we’re going to try to hide our conservative principles, we will lose, and we will deserve to lose.”

Then, Jindal pivoted to attack Bush’s extreme immigration policies. According to a CNN translation of a Telemundo interview, Bush had said in Spanish on Monday:

For the 11 million people [who are here illegally], they must come out of the shadows, receive a work visa, start paying taxes and also pay a small fine, learn English, don’t receive government benefits, but they come out of the shadows and they receive legal status after some time.

Jindal wasn’t having it.

“Jeb came out this week, just yesterday, and said he is for amnesty for the millions of folks who are in this country illegally. I think that is a mistake. I think that is an example of voters saying, we want someone to represent us. The hour is late. And we need big change in our country.”

Shortly after the interview, Jindal’s campaign sent out an email blast to reporters:

During a recent Spanish-language interview with Telemundo, Jeb Bush called for amnesty for those who are in our country illegally.

I wish I could say I’m surprised. But Jeb Bush has been clear and consistent about his belief that Republicans have to be willing to “lose the primary to win the general.” We just disagree about that.

I am not afraid to stand on my conservative principles. And I’m not ashamed to say amnesty for illegal immigrants is wrong.

Here is what amnesty supporters in Washington on both sides of the aisle don’t understand: becoming an American citizen is not a right granted to those who have managed to hide illegally in our country for just long enough.

We should not and must not reward those who came to this country illegally. We should not and must not be afraid to stand on our conservative principles and defend what has made this the greatest country in the history of the world.

I hope you will stand with me.


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