Watch: CNN Attacks Trump for Praising ‘Perfect’ English-Speaking Skills of Border Agent

CNN and the establishment media are attacking President Trump after he complimented a U.S. Border Patrol agent for speaking “perfect English.”

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin ran a segment of her daily show dedicated to Trump introducing Border Patrol agent Adrian Anzaldua at the White House, where he said:

Come here, you’re not nervous, right. Speaks perfect English. Come here, I want to ask you about that 78 lives. You saved 78 people. So how did you feel… [Emphasis added]

The White House event was to honor Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents for their commitment to protecting Americans and enforcing U.S. immigration laws.

Following his speech, the establishment media used the comment to attack Trump, with Baldwin running a segment in which reporter Jeremy Diamond and she speak for two and half minutes about the comment.

“We’ll wait to see if and how the White House explains why it was at all pertinent for the president to mention the man speaks perfect English,” Baldwin said.

Other establishment media outlets and figures jumped on the comment as well, posting online their outrage. The left-wing website Vox called the comment “offensive” in a headline.

As Breitbart Texas reported, Border agent Anzaldua was one of the officials who rescued and saved nearly 80 migrants who were being smuggled across the border, trapped inside a tractor-trailer.

“These criminal organizations continue to use tractor trailers and view these individuals as mere commodities without regard for their safety,” Laredo Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens said in a statement at the time. “The blatant disregard for human life will not be tolerated. We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to disrupt and dismantle these organizations and prosecute those responsible.”

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder


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