Palestinian Authority Joins Hamas in Declaring Tel Aviv Gunman ‘A Martyr’

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The Jerusalem Post reports:

The Palestinian Authority, Hamas and other Palestinian groups declared Nashat Milhem a shaheed (martyr).

The PA Ministry of Health initially added Milhem, who is an Israeli citizen, to its list of “martyrs” who were killed by Israelis during the current wave of terrorism, which began in early October.

However, the ministry on Friday night removed Milhem’s name from the list. The ministry explained that it documents the names of Palestinian “martyrs” only in areas that fall under its jurisdiction, namely the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem.

However, the ministry did not offer any explanation as to why another Israeli Arab, Muhanad al-Okabi, is included in its list of “martyrs.” Al-Okabi, who carried out the October 18 terror attack at the Beersheba Central Bus Station, appears as number 31 on the PA ministry’s list of “martyrs.”

The ministry defended the decision to remove Milhem’s name from its “list of martyrs” by arguing that this does not mean that he is not entitled to be characterized as a “martyr.”

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