Paris Terrorists: ‘With Allah’s Help We Will Liberate Palestine’

Islamic State fighters

Ynetnews reports:

The Islamic State group on Sunday released a video showing the last message of the terrorists who committed the terror attacks in Paris that killed 128 people last November.

One of the terrorists, Abu Omer al-Baljiki – known as the “mastermind” and who also went by the name of Abdelhamid Abaaoud – says in the film: “With Allah’s help we will create rivers from your blood today! With Allah’s help we will be the ones who liberate Palestine.”

The film also shows the imminent execution of “infidels,” to be conducted out by the same terrorists who would go on to carry out the Paris attacks. The victims are beheaded and shot at point-blank range. One of the militants can be seen grasping the head of someone who’s been executed and saying: “This will be your fate (the infidels).”

In the film, al-Baljiki addresses the “infidels,” saying: “You have dared to come to Muslim territory and to fight. You declared a war that you lost before it had even begun. You think that you can fight Muslims and then expect to live in peace in your land?

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