Kuwait Policewomen Banned From Wearing Tight Clothes, Makeup

kuwaiti policewomen

JAFFA, Israel – Kuwait police have published new “modesty rules” for its female officers following a recent surge in complaints.

While on duty, female officers must not “wear tight clothes, conspicuous hairpins, bracelets and earrings,” the new regulations dictate. Nor should female police officers of any rank can wear their hair down, dye it or cut it in an immodest way.

“The officers are expected to maintain an appearance that is becoming of their jobs,” said Colonel Suliman Elfahed, the director-general of the Interior Ministry.

Among additional prohibitions, Kuwaiti policewomen must not wear makeup, contact lenses, artificial eyelashes, and more than one earring in each ear, as well as nose piercings, or big bracelets and rings.

Special parameters were drafted for fingernails. “They must not be more than 2mm long, be covered in varnish,” Elfahed said. “Furthermore, they cannot wear henna on their hands, nor apply special cosmetics.”

Elfahed summoned high-ranking officers from the female unit and asked them to sign off on the new regulations.