American Murdered By Terrorist Remembered As Great Man Who Left Legacy Of Service

taylor force
United States Military Academy via AP

The Jerusalem Post reports: A West Point graduate, a Army Field Artillery officer who served in Afghanistan and Iraq and was an Eagle Scout, Taylor Force left behind a legacy of service when his life was cut short Tuesday night by a terrorist who went on a stabbing spree on the Jaffa beachfront promenade.

The Lubbock, Texas, native was eulogized by Barrett Caldwell, who in a Facebook post described himself as a close friend and heartbroken at the loss of a unique and heroic man.

“My boy graduated West Point in 2009 and deployed to the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq, where he served and led as a Field Artillery officer among his men in battle. His decisions, actions and leadership were heroic, and yet he stayed so humble when we talked privately.”

Caldwell said he learned of his friend’s murder on Twitter and began sobbing in a parking lot a world away in Florida.

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