Hamas Sentences Five ‘Israeli Collaborators’ to Death

Palestinian youth pose for a picture during a military-style camp organized by the Hamas movement in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, on August 1, 2015.

The Hamas Ministry of the Interior in Gaza on Monday announced that five men have been sentenced to death for collaborating with Israel, as the Islamist organization was reeling from an Israeli announcement that one of its attack tunnels had been discovered and destroyed.

In an official statement on the matter, the ministry didn’t disclose the defendants’ full names, only their initials, and said that they had been passing military intelligence along to Israel, including about the deployment of forces, the location of tunnels and the makeup of Gaza’s makeshift weapons factories. That information, the ministry alleged, helped Israel carry out attacks in which Hamas militants were killed.

The sentence was delivered in accordance with Clause 130 of the Palestinian Revolutionary Penal Code (1979), the ministry statement said.

The defendants, who according to the verdict collaborated in exchange for money, will be shot or hanged.

The ministry did not specify whether they operated individually or as a spy ring.

According to reports, four of the alleged collaborators will be killed by hanging, and one will face death by a firing squad.