EXCLUSIVE – Hamas Extends Condolences To Iran-Backed Hezbollah Over Killing Of Top Operative


TEL AVIV – Hamas has extended its condolences to Hezbollah following the elimination of the organization’s top commander in Syria last week.

Hamas’ envoy to Lebanon, Ali Barakeh, conveyed the message to the Hezbollah leadership during a mourning session for Mustafa Badreddine in Beirut, a Hamas source told Breitbart Jerusalem, adding that he was “a great fighter who was fortunate to take part in the fight against the Zionist enemy.”

Hamas conveyed a similar message to Iran via their movement’s envoy to Tehran, Khaled Kaddoumi, the source said.

After previous assassinations of Hezbollah operatives, such as Samir Kuntar and Jihad Mughniyeh, Hamas extended its condolences in writing, which they have yet to do this time. Hamas’ military wing labors to maintain good relations with Hezbollah and Iran, as opposed to the political wing, which is more hesitant for fear of a backlash from Shi’ite Iran’s Sunni Arab rivals, predominantly Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

Iranian media covered Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s condolences, which predictably led anti-Iran social media users to accuse Hamas of opportunism and hypocrisy.

“Hamas and Islamic Jihad are extending their condolences to Iran over the killing in Syria of the top Hezbollah criminal Mustafa Badreddine,” Khaled Shaban tweeted.

He later added: “The problem with these pro-Muslim Brotherhood organizations is that they don’t understand that these are the true enemies, and that the Iranians are using them to pursue their own agenda.”

“As far as Hamas and Islamic Jihad are concerned, political interests always come before religion,” Alkaabari tweeted.

“Extending condolences for the killing of the dog Badreddine is a moral crime against the Syrian people and the Islamic nation that will never be forgiven.”

“Hamas, who are dogs of the Shi’ites who fight against Allah, jumped to extend their condolences,” wrote Ben Saed. “I wonder why.”

Abdulaziz replied: “They did it because this is how they fight for maintaining their power, rather than for Jerusalem and the poor Palestinian people. Hamas has been planted to divide the Palestinian people and undermine their cause.”

“Hamas extended their condolences to the Party of Rubbish [a play on the word Hezbollah in Arabic] for the expiry of Mustafa Badreddine,” Abdullah Shamri wrote. “Did they extend their condolences to the Syrian people for all those killed by Badreddine and his satanic, terrorist, and criminal organization?”

Anwar Malek wrote: “Hamas has humiliated themselves again. There’s no justification for extending condolences to the invaders for the assassination of their criminal member.”