Egypt Gov’t Daily: Jews Using Freemasonry to Pit Sunnis Against Shiites in Plot for World Domination

A member of the liberal religious group 'Women of the Wall' wears phylacteries while reading part of the Torah scrolls as she prays with fellow female worshipers at the Western Wall in Jerusalems Old City on February 10, 2016 marking Rosh Hodesh Adar (the first day of the Jewish month).

TEL AVIV – The Jews are engaged in a secret plot to take over the world and destroy all other nations and religions, a new series in Egypt’s government daily, Al Ahram, claims.

The series of five articles, authored by Egyptian journalist Ali Gad and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), asserts that Jews are behind all global conflicts, including Syria, Iraq, and the First and Second World Wars, as part of their master plan to destroy the world. The author uses falsified passages from the Talmud as “proof” of the plot as well as quoting from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an antisemitic Russian text long since debunked as entirely fabricated.

Gad begins by posing the question, “Why are Arabs alone the lowliest, poorest, and least safe and advanced peoples?”

In his attempt to find an answer, Gad writes that he “uncovered research that presents a Jewish plan for world domination.”

According to Gad, Arab societies “consume more weapons than food” because the Jews are constantly goading them into sectarian conflict. In “fulfilling the dictates of the Talmud,” Israel managed to turn a political conflict into a sectarian one, pitting Sunnis against Shiites “in order to sap the strength of Muslims.”

“The purpose of the hidden Jewish plot is effective world domination,” writes Gad, but claims that Jews will first execute an economic takeover by drowning countries in debt, as they have done with the U.S. and certain European countries.

In light of this, Gad asks, how is it possible to accuse the Arabs of extremism and terrorism?

The Jewish plot has multiple “soft warfare” tools at its disposal, including freemasonry, communism, and atheism – incidentally, according to Gad, all invented by Jews.

Jews are instructed by the Talmud to first strip a person of his identity so he can then be reprogrammed:

“They believe that destroying religion and morality is the only way to remove a person from faith, intention, and purpose, until people become an empty vessel that can be reshaped, and into a central factor in plans for destruction and ruin,” he writes.

The Jews have “amassed a tremendous fortune that enabled them to control the global economy,” Gad posits. The way they achieved this was by instigating conflicts and “fanning the flames of war.” Gad quotes statements by famous anti-Semites as evidence, including Henry Ford, who blamed German-Jewish bankers for starting the First World War, and Canadian writer William Guy Carr, who wrote that the both the English revolution and the Second World War were caused by Zionism.

“Had these statements been made by Arabs, people would have probably competed in accusing them of hatred and antisemitism, as is accepted in the world,” explains Gad.

Gad ends by stating that in order to maintain its relevance and “integrity,” the Jewish takeover plan is “occasionally modified by their wise men,” leading countries down the path from “tolerance to religious and political extremism, and later to socialism, promiscuity, and chaos, thus making it impossible to implement the principles of equality” in order to “destroy the governments in all countries, and replace them with a tyrannical Jewish monarchical regime.”