Netanyahu Rejects Biden Surrender Plan

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu firmly rejected a Biden administration-backed plan Sunday to end the war in Gaza, with Hamas still holding onto its weapons and power, in exchange for the staged release of the remaining 136 Israeli hostages.

TOPSHOT - Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech during his vis

Exclusive – Former U.K. Commander in Afghanistan: Israel Facing War on 7 Fronts, Arab States ‘Quietly’ Root for Jihadist Defeat

The Jewish state is facing a “hugely complicated” seven-front war against enemies within and beyond its borders — though “virtually all Arab countries” are “quietly cheering” for Israel, according to former commander of British forces in Afghanistan Colonel Richard Kemp, who blamed President Biden for “continuously appeasing” Iran, and called for “the strongest U.S. support for Israel in this conflict,” warning that further American “weakness” could encourage hostile nations to exploit the situation.

Israeli army soldiers walk before tracked vehicles deployed at a position in the Upper Gal