Israeli Students Win 10 Medals at Physics and Math Olympiads

This picture taken on Juyy 19, 2011 shows a student during the International Mathematical Olympiad Amsterdam 2011.

Ynetnews reports: Israeli competitors earned a combined ten medals at the International Physics Olympiad which took place in Zurich, Switzerland, and the International Mathematical Olympiad which took place in Hong Kong, China. The Israeli teams, comprised of high school students, were ranked 19th and 22nd, respectively.

The math team jumped 18 places in the ranks from last year, when it finished in 40 place. 109 countries participated in the competition.

This year, Israel won three silver medals and three bronze medals. “Most of the team members participated in the Olympiad last year as well. There’s no doubt that the experience they accumulated helped them in succeeding this year,” said team coach Lev Radzivilovsky. “We prepared very well all year , the students invested a lot of effort and I’m proud of the good result, although it could always be better.”

The United States team finished first in the Olympiad this year, followed by the South Korean and Chinese teams.

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