Israeli-Arab Arrested for Supporting Islamic State on Facebook


Ynetnews reports: An indictment was filed against Wassim Hutaba, 29, for allegedly expressing support for ISIS on social media. He is from the Arab village of Reina.

According to the indictment from the Northern District Prosecutor’s Office, Hutaba announced that he doesn’t believe that he is beholden to the laws of the State of Israel – a state he calls a “kufar state” – and justified ISIS attacks around the world, calling them “legitimate responses to Western attacks on Islam.”

As opposed to other indictments filed against Israeli citizens who have expressed their support for ISIS in the past, Hutaba didn’t go to Syria, didn’t leave Israel, and didn’t pledge allegiance to ISIS.

According to his testimony, he considered pledging allegiance to the terror group, but decided not to because of his wife’s resistance to the idea. She was worried that he would be arrested, and said that him joining would negatively affect the family.

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