Hezbollah Chief: ‘The Israeli Home Front Will Be Hit’

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah

Ynetnews reports: Hezbollah chairman Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech on Saturday celebrating the “anniversary of the end of the Second Lebanon War.” Speaking from his bunker, his speech was broadcasted on giant screens in the town of Bint J’beil, located only a few hundred yards away from the border with Israel.

Nasrallah said that Israel is in need of a new doctrine. “The whole issue of ‘after Haifa’ is over. The Israelis have adopted a new doctrine which isn’t based on a quick victory – meaning that they know that they are unable to achieve (quick victory), and they know that the Israeli home front will be hit during the fighting.”

He also responded to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s statements, whereby the prime minister said that anyone who thinks that Israel is weak like a cobweb will receive an iron fist.

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