Israel Builds Nation’s First High-Speed Train From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz stands at one of the five tunnels dug to accommodate the country’s first high-speed electric train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.. (photo credit:TRANSPORTATION MINISTRY)

The Jerusalem Post reports: For many Jerusalemites, 28 will become the new 75 – 75, of course, being the average number of minutes it presently takes to travel from the capital to Tel Aviv by bus.

Moreover, the country’s first electric high-speed rail line connecting the two cities – scheduled to be fully functional by March 2018 – will revolutionize transportation in the capital, considerably buttress economic growth and reduce pollutants, a Transportation Ministry official said on Monday.

Batsheva Segev, a ministry spokeswoman, said the NIS 6.8 billion project – which features five tunnels, eight bridges and 57 kilometers of tracks – will reduce travel times between the cities to 28 minutes.

It will also have a stop at Ben-Gurion Airport, long a costly and troublesome destination for travelers who must use private taxis or a sherut (communal minivans) to get there.

“This is beyond a transportation revolution,” said Segev.

“It will improve the economy, the environment, and it’s fast. It will allow people to live in Jerusalem and work in Tel Aviv and help bring government workers and entrepreneurs to the capital with ease to improve the economy.”

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