Scottish Prisoners Converting to Judaism to Access Kosher Meals

Yoav Lemmer-Pool/Getty

Ynet news reports: The British press has been covering an unusual phenomenon in Scottish prisons, where more and more prisoners are changing their religion and becoming Jewish for the specific purpose of getting better quality, kosher food.

The Scottish Prison System is not known for housing a large Jewish population. In fact, between 2013 – 2014, only nine Jewish inmates were found in the system.

These days, however, more than 130 Scottish inmates have declared themselves to be of the Chosen People, much to the chagrin of those running the correctional facilities in charge of their welfare, which are now required to provide them with kosher meals that cost more than twice as much as their standard meal.

Apparently, the large group of Newly Jewish Scottish inmates saw the light after watching an episode of the Netflix comedic drama “Orange is the New Black,” where a character named “Black Cindy” converted to Judaism to receive better meals.

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