Palestinian Who Stabbed Israelis Sought ‘Martyrs’ Death

Israeli border policemen arrest a Palestinian protestor, who did not follow their instruction to leave, during a demonstration against administrative detention and in support of Palestinian prisoner Bilal Kayed on August 24, 2016 at Damascus Gate, a main entrance to Jerusalem's Old City. A rights group said on August 24, …

The Times of Israel reports: A Palestinian who stabbed and wounded two police officers in Jerusalem last month wrote in a will made before the attack that he was seeking a “martyr’s death,” according to an indictment submitted Thursday at Jerusalem District Court.

Ayman Kurd, 20, from East Jerusalem, stabbed the two officers near the Herod’s Gate entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City on September 19, seriously wounding a 38-year-old policewoman and moderately injuring her 47-year-old male colleague.

The policeman managed to shoot and wound Kurd several times after he was stabbed.

The indictment states that prior to carrying out the attack, Kurd wrote several wills on his phone.

“My mother, my heart, please don’t cry and don’t be angry, pray for me to die as a martyr. I want you and [your sister] to hold a party for me,” the indictment quotes him as saying in one of the wills, Channel 2 reported. “Be assured that I didn’t do this because of anyone, but only because I wanted to.”

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