EXCLUSIVE – Islamic State Private Messages on Mosul: ‘The Infidels are Running Away Like Women’

The Islamic State group's leader in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Hafiz Saeed, was killed in July in a strike in the border region between the two countries, a US defense official says

Conversations on an encrypted chat application used by the Islamic State and its jihadist supporters provide insight into the group’s morale during the battle of Mosul against the Iraqi army and Kurdish militias.

Breitbart Jerusalem has obtained a series of messages exchanged on an IS Telegram forum in which IS fighters and supporters boast about alleged successes in fending off the advance of their enemies in Mosul’s southern and eastern districts. The fighters express their willingness to die, particularly as suicide bombers.

The pro-IS AMAQ news agency published a video on Telegram allegedly attesting to the extent of losses sustained by the Iraqi army.

The other members of the group celebrated the video.

“Brothers, as you can see, here are our brothers in the districts of Aden, Jerusalem and Kokjaly destroying the Shi’ites’ Hummers,” Abu Mohammed wrote. “Here are the American Hummers being destroyed by your brothers… I swear to Allah, my brothers, that one of the brothers told me he killed 70 Shi’ites in Aden alone… Brothers, we are in pain for not having joined the battle, but our brothers on the frontline are hitting the enemies of Allah hard.”

abu muhamad

Mujahed Mousaly wrote: “Thank Allah for giving us Islam. Thank Allah for our brothers in Aden and Kokjaly, east of the Welayat [the district], who tell us about their great success in the battlefield where dozens of Shi’ite bodies are lying on the ground, and the American advisers ran away together with the Shi’ites. The mujahedeen are steady in their positions and have killed more than 130 since morning. Brothers I swear to Allah that our brothers the mujahedeen display resolve and unbreakable determination. I swear to Allah that the blood of the Shi’ites will turn into pools in the southern and eastern neighborhoods of the Welayat.”

mujahed almousouly

“Thank Allah I was now informed by the commander of the suicide squad that dozens of explosive cars are still waiting for the Shi’ites and the infidels,” wrote Shuaib al Maghrebi (“the Moroccan”). “And the brothers are rushing to carry out suicide missions. I swear to Allah that our brothers display a tremendous spirit of jihad to protect the borders of the Welayat, they display creativity in eliminating the Shi’ites, whose bodies are thrown on to the streets. The brothers are reporting that the Shi’ites and the infidels are running away like women. Your brothers need your prayers to continue holding up.”

suhaib al maghrebi

Ubaidullah Aldagistani (“the Dagestani”) wrote: “Thank Allah for letting us live in the Caliphate to see the blood of the Shi’ites and the infidels flow before our eyes. We fought in Syria and now we fight here in Iraq under the flag of the Islamic State, and we’ll continue to fight until we die as martyrs. We the immigrants from Dagestan and Chechnya are very happy to fight alongside the Islamic State against the enemies of Allah. We are very happy to see our brothers fight in the neighborhoods of Aden, Jerusalem, Kokjaly and Elalil, I swear to Allah, dear brothers, that we hear the cries of the enemies of Allah on our brothers’ radio devices. Our brothers kill dozens and hundreds of them daily, thanks to Allah.”

ubaidullah aldaghistani

Another jihadi nicknamed “The Istishhadi (suicide fighter) of Mosul” wrote: “We were informed, brothers, that the number of suicide fighters is growing every day. I swear to Allah that I anxiously wait for my turn to arrive and cry every day in anticipation. Rows of suicide fighters wait for their turn; the explosive cars are ready. The brothers who were before us in line killed dozens of Shi’ites and infidels. The suicide volunteers are multiplying every day and we are ready to go to war, to turn their fortresses into rubble. I swear to Allah that nothing of their bodies will remain in our explosive cars except small pieces of flesh. That’s our promise to you and the rest of the mujahedeen who sacrifice their souls to Allah and kill hundreds of Shi’ites every day on the outskirts of Mosul.”

the suicider of mousoul