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Iraqi General: Mosul Battle to End ‘Within Days’

A senior Iraqi general has said that the city of Mosul will be liberated from the Islamic State “within days” as counterterrorism units close in on the group’s few remaining strongholds, three years after the terror organization declared a “caliphate” in Syria and Iraq.

Iraqi Federal Police officers observe as air and ground strikes hit the town of Shura, some 30 kilometers south of Mosul, Iraq, Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016. Iraqi troops approaching Mosul from the south advanced into Shura on Saturday after a wave of US led airstrikes and artillery shelling against Islamic …

PHOTOS: Islamic State Claims Drone Attacks In Iraq, Syria

The Islamic State organization has reportedly stepped up the use of drones in its campaigns in Iraq and Syria, claiming responsibility for at least 10 airborne attacks carried out last week alone. That number could not be immediately verified.


Reaching Mosul Caps Turnaround For Iraq Forces

Two years after they withdrew from Mosul broken and defeated, Iraqi forces have capped a dramatic turnaround by reaching the largest city they lost to the Islamic State group.

TOPSHOT - Iraqi forces deploy on October 17, 2016 in the area of al-Shurah, some 45 kms south of Mosul, as they advance towards the city to retake it from the Islamic State (IS) group jihadists. Some 30,000 federal forces are leading the offensive, backed by air and ground support …

Islamic State Blocks News on Liberation Offensive in Mosul

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has restricted Mosul residents’ access to news about the outside world in an effort to insulate civilians and its own fighters from information about the U.S.-backed Iraqi army’s offensive to liberate the city, reports Reuters.


Harf: Iraq’s Forces ‘Do Have the Will to Fight’

State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf argued that Iraqi forces “do have the will to fight” “when they’re equipped, when they have support” on Wednesday’s “Situation Room” on CNN. Harf was asked if the State Department agreed with Defense Secretary