Multiple New Fires Across Israel As Haifa Residents Cleared To Return Home

Israeli firefighters extinguish fire in Beit Meir, a religious cooperative village in the hills to the west of Jerusalem, on November 25, 2016. Hundreds of people were evacuated during the night from November 24 to November 25 in the village of Beit Meir in central Israel, following the spread of …

The Jerusalem Post reports: Israel continued to battle fires in different parts of the country on Friday, with outbreaks reported in Beit Meir in the Jerusalem hills, near Kiryat Gat in the South of the country, next to Harashim in the Galilee, and across the Haifa region.

Egypt, Jordan and Azerbaijan have committed to sending help in combating the flames: Azerbaijan has committed a fire plane, Egypt two helicopters, and Jordan fire trucks and crews.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu toured burned buildings in Haifa and met with fire crews. Most of the city’s 75,000 evacuated residents were permitted to return home Friday afternoon.

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