Watch: Car Drives into Line of NYPD Cops During Protest, At Least One Officer Wounded

Driver runs over a line of NYPD Officers. (Twitter Video Screenshot/Joe Marino)
Twitter Video Screenshot/Joe Marino

A car with blacked-out windows drove through a line of police officers to avoid being arrested. At least one officer sustained a leg injury during the assault.

New York Post journalist Joe Marino captured the moments leading up to a violent assault on police with a vehicle in Brooklyn, New York, Tuesday night.

New York City police officers attempted to stop the driver of a black sedan near the scene where other arrests of protesters took place.  The driver of the vehicle with blacked-out windows pulls forward and stops before a line of bicycle police officers.

The occupants of the vehicle refuse to get out and police attempt to break the windows.

The driver suddenly accelerates and plows through the line of officers.

Marino reports at least one of the officers sustained a leg injury from the impact.

The incident happened as officers attempted to make multiple arrests of protesters in the area. It is not clear why the officers attempted to stop and force entry into the vehicle.

NYPD officials did not discuss this incident but tweeted a warning about the large vehicular traffic and emergency workers present in the Brooklyn area Monday night.

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