18 ATM Machines ‘Blown Apart’ in Two Nights of Philadelphia Riots

A grocery store ATM is blown up by looters in Philadelphia. (Video Screenshot/ABC6)
Video Screenshot/ABC6

Police reports indicate that 18 ATM machines were “blown apart” during two nights of rioting in Philadelphia. The incidents took place as rioters and looters ransacked the city following the shooting of an armed black man.

Fox29 Philadelphia reporter Steve Keeley tweeted police reports showing multiple ATM machines being “blown apart” by looters attempting to steal cash from the machines. The reports indicate the destruction of 18 ATM machines throughout the Philadelphia area during two nights of rioting and looting.

His report filed with Fox29 shows the level of destruction applied to two ATM machines at the TD Bank located at the Walmart that was pillaged Tuesday night.

Philadelphia bomb squad investigators are looking into the series of explosions at ATMs across the city.

ABC6 in Philadelphia also reported on the large number of explosions involving ATMs. Video obtained from a grocery store in West Philadelphia shows the destruction for one of the machines. Looters open the machine and set off a second explosion, the report states.

Keeley reported the ATM at the TD Bank costs about $70,000 each. This bank lost two machines in the overnight looting rampage. Keeley said many banks will think about not replacing the ATMs or even closing the branches because of the vandalism and looting.

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