BLM Flies Somali Flag over Scene of Minnesota Police Shooting

Somali flag flying over Holiday gas station where police shot and killed a convicted felon
Twitter Video Screencapture/Shane B. Murphy

Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis removed an American flag and replaced it with the Somali flag following the police shooting of a refugee who fired at police officers. The incident occurred as authorities attempted to stop the man as part of a firearms investigation.

BLM protesters hoisted a Somali flag over the Holiday gas station where police officers shot and killed convicted felon Dolal Idd during a traffic stop. Video shows Idd rammed multiple police cars and then fired at least one shot from inside his vehicle before being shot by police.

Independent journalist Shane B. Murphy tweeted a video showing the Somali flag flying over the Holiday gas station. “They’re still going to protest against the officer-involved shooting in Minneapolis; despite it being clear on bodycam that the man attempted to ram officers with a vehicle; and then fired a handgun at police, prior to officers returning fire,” Murphy wrote.

Another Twitter post shows the flag which replaced a U.S. flag that was reportedly removed and thrown on the ground.

The shooting followed a traffic stop where Minneapolis police were investigating Idd for illegally selling and possessing a firearm.

“On the evening of December 30, 2020, the members of the Minneapolis First Precinct Community Response Team (CRT) were attempting to conduct a purchase of a handgun using a confidential informant (CI) from a person selling firearms illegally and prohibited from possessing firearms,” a search warrant application reported by Fox9 Minneapolis shows.

Police say an informant purchased a MAC-10 high-capacity pistol from Idd. The convicted felon also stated he had additional firearms at his home.

A search of the Idd family residence after the shooting did not appear to find any additional firearms. Law enforcement investigators did find a black and silver handgun in the car where Idd was shot and killed.

Breitbart News reported on Idd’s felony criminal history and those of multiple family members that would preclude any legal possession of firearms.

Police arrested Idd’s brother, Mohamed Amin Bayle Idd, 26, on December 5 for a charge of 2nd Degree Intentional Murder, the Star Tribune revealed. In addition to the pending murder charge, he also has two drug-related convictions, two drunk driving convictions, an assault conviction, and one for disorderly conduct. He also has convictions for robbery and theft.

Another brother, Dalal Idd, 25, is currently in prison following an assault conviction that occurred when he was a teen, the Star Tribune noted in another article.

The Idd family arrived from Somalia about 20 years ago, the local newspaper reported.

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