Brittney Griner: The National Anthem Just ‘Hit Different’ This Time

Brittney Griner, a WNBA star who made international headlines after being arrested while attempting to travel from Moscow with cannabis oil in a vaping cartridge in her luggage shortly after the war in Ukraine began, says that the national anthem “hit different” while she and her teammates stood for the Star-Spangled Banner before her preseason game Saturday night.

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Larry Elder’s Documentary ‘Uncle Tom II’ Exposes Eric Mann as Marxist Puppetmaster Behind Black Lives Matter

At the heart of the essential new documentary “Uncle Tom II” is a startling observation: for much of the 20th century, white Marxists have sereptitously used black Americans as pawns in their long game to destroy the fabric of American society through racial strife. Some of these Marxists are well-known, like Saul Alinsky. Others are less known but just as nefarious, like Eric Mann, who is exposed as the white puppetmaster behind Black Lives Matter.

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 14: Gubernatorial recall candidate Larry Elder speaks to supporters at an election night event on September 14, 2021 in Costa Mesa, California. Californians headed to the polls today to cast their ballots in the California recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty …