11 Arrested During Violent BLM Rally that Left 2 NYPD Officers Injured

NYPD arrests 11 during violent BLM protest on February 12. (Video Screenshot/New York Post)
Video Screenshot/New York Post

New York City police officers arrested 11 people during a violent Black Lives Matter march Friday night.  The melee left two NYPD officers injured.

Approximately 100 BLM marchers took to the streets of midtown Manhattan Friday night, the New York Post reported. At least two NYPD officers sustained minor injuries during the incident.

WABC reported the incident turned violent as protesters clashed with officers near 6th Avenue and West 54th Street around 9 p.m.

Police officials did not disclose how the officers were injured, the Post continued. Officers responded by arresting at least 11 of the anti-police protesters.

The confrontation on Sixth Avenue began when police placed one of the protesters in custody, the New York Daily News revealed. Police officials told the local news outlet a melee ensued leading to the arrest of multiple protesters.

Daily News photographer Sam Costanza came under attack from the protesters when they mistakenly identified him as a police officer. Costanza said ten to 15 protesters surrounded him and began fighting him.

One of the protesters reportedly recognized him from a protest at the NYPD 6th Precinct headquarters in Greenwich Village last year, the Post stated. One of the protesters began yelling, “He’s a cop,” leading others to swarm the man and beating him with their fists and other objects.

Photographer Jost Pacheco paints a different picture of the incident:

Costanza told the Daily News he believes the attackers broke his nose.

In addition to the injuries sustained by Costanza and two police officers, two police vehicles were also vandalized.

NYPD officials tweeted a photograph showing a vandalized restaurant in the East Village. The protesters also entered the restaurant and harassed the patrons. “This is not a peaceful protest,” officials stated.

Following the outbreak of violence, NYPD declared the march to be an unlawful protest and dispersed the crowd.



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