Live Updates — NYPD: Akayed Ullah Injured Self, 3 Others with Homemade Bomb

The suspect in police custody following an explosion at Port Authority Bus Terminal.
New York Post

All times Eastern.

10:09 AM:

9:48 AM:

9:45 AM:

9:43 AM:

9:26 AM: Via Breitbart National Security Editor Frances Martel — Local radio station NJ101.5 reports that the suspect made the bomb at an electrical company where he was employed.

9:20 AM: Flashback:

9:16 AM:

9:14 AM: NY Post shares purported first photo of suspect in custody:

9:13 AM:

9:11 AM: NYT — Bomber had a live explosive strapped to his body, and police stripped him naked to remove it.

9:10 AM:

9:00 AM:

8:57 AM: The suspect apparently did not cause much physical damage but has choked up transportation and commerce pretty well.

8:48 AM:

8:44 AM:

8:42 AM:

8:38 AM: 

8:31 AM:

8:30 AM:

8:28 AM: 

8:27 AM: Video purportedly showing the moment of explosion. No confirmation yet:

8:17 AM:

8:16 AM:

8:09 AM:

8:08 AM: NEW YORK (AP) — New York Police Department says it is responding to report of explosion near Times Square.

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