Lady Gaga's Untouched Versace Pics Leaked Online

Lady Gaga's Untouched Versace Pics Leaked Online

Photographers can nip and tuck plenty when it’s time to capture a celebrity subject. Just ask Lena Dunham, the uber-feminist who didn’t seem to mind when Vogue did just that to her in a highly publicized photo spread.

Now, we’re learning Lady Gaga also got a digital makeover for a recent photo campaign. Photographs of the singer have leaked online, and it’s clear the folks behind the campaign used some software manipulation to make her more alluring.

The singer posed for the [Versace fashion shoot] to promote the design house’s accessories collection, and now a set of snaps from the shoot have emerged showing what she looked like before the pictures were digitally altered.

In the photos, which have gone viral on the web, Gaga is seen with pasty skin and dark under-eye circles, while her legs are covered in bruises.