Adam Schiff Faces Two Challengers in June Primary

Adam Schiff Faces Two Challengers in June Primary

Rep. Adam Schiff (D) is running for re-election, hoping to keep his job representing California’s 28th District. This June he’ll be facing two challengers, one a fellow Democrat and the other an Independent.

Democrat Sal Genovese has attempted to take on Schiff once before. In 2012 he contested for the 28th District along with six other candidates. Schiff won the primary and went on to face the second-place finisher, Republican Phil Jennerjahn, in the general election. Genovese came in fifth place in the primary, finishing with about four percent of the vote.

Asked about his chances of defeating Schiff, Genovese told the LA Daily News, “I know it will not be easy.” He is pushing for a job retraining program. During his 2012 run, Genovese promoted a “job creation program” along with a one-year moratorium on foreclosures and comprehensive immigration reform.

Schiff’s other challenger is Steve Stokes, a real estate broker who is taking time out from his business to campaign against NSA surveillance of Americans and the Patriot Act. Stokes also realizes he faces long odds to win against Schiff. He tells the LA Daily News, “I won’t be able to raise anywhere near the $2 million that Schiff has.” His goal is just to get his message out.

Neither challenger is expected to pose much of a problem for Schiff, who sits on the House Select Committee on Intelligence and on the House Appropriations Committee.

Schiff won his first national seat in 2000, defeating Republican incumbent James Rogan. At the time it was the most expensive congressional race ever.