Filmmaker Behind Hollywood Sex Abuse Doc Says Problem Is 'Pervasive'

Filmmaker Behind Hollywood Sex Abuse Doc Says Problem Is 'Pervasive'

Filmmaker Amy Berg has a unique, and troubling, perspective on the recent sex abuse lawsuits filed against four Hollywood players.

Berg, who directed the 2006 documentary Deliver Us from Evil about pedophiles within the Catholic Church, suggests no matter who one believes regarding the current lawsuits the problem itself isn’t imaginary. Her latest documentary will explore the subject in greater detail, and she says her investigation sheds more light on the matter.

It is a huge problem, it’s pervasive in Hollywood and the time to explore it is now,” Berg told TheWrap when asked about her top-secret project. “It’s much bigger than anything about the one case.

Berg’s upcoming film includes the child sex abuse accusations leveled against X-Men director Bryan Singer. The director has maintained his innocence, adding he has proof he wasn’t in Hawaii at the time of the alleged sexual assault. Three other executives named in this week’s lawsuits (Garth Ancier, Gary Goddard and David Neuman) also vigorously denied the allegations.

Jeff Herman, the lawyer who filed the aforementioned lawsuits, has instructed his clients to speak with Berg for her film.

Berg did not reveal more about the content of her project, but she says her film is nearly complete.


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