Tainted Meatballs: SF Dogs Being Targeted Again

Tainted Meatballs: SF Dogs Being Targeted Again

The recent discovery of tainted meatballs that were stuffed with pills and left on paper plates in San Francisco’s Sunset district have raised fears that echo similar scenarios from recent days.

According to KTVU.com, the pills and the meatballs have been turned over for testing, but those who frequent the area are assuming the worst — that someone is trying to poison their pets, again.

In February of this year, dog walkers discovered 21 poisonous meatballs in San Francisco’s Twin Peaks neighborhood. And last July, meatballs that were laced with rat poison resulted in the death of a Daschund named Oscar.

One dog owner called the tainted meatballs discovery “sick,” and said it was “just horrible,” adding that she has been taking her dogs for walks in the area for thirty years. Another dog owner said he wished the culprits “would realize it’s really stupid. Find a hobby, do something else.”

Police have issued a warning, cautioning dog owners to be mindful and make certain their dogs do not eat any meat left on the street, as it might be poisonous.