Donald Sterling: Magic Johnson 'Not a Good Example' for L.A. Children

Donald Sterling: Magic Johnson 'Not a Good Example' for L.A. Children

Donald Sterling slams Los Angeles Lakers great Earvin “Magic” Johnson as someone who is “not a good example for the children of Los Angeles” in an interview that will air on Monday. 

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Tweeting Sterling’s words after he interviewed him on Sunday. 

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned Sterling for life after an audio recording surfaced in which Sterling told V. Stiviano to not publicize photos with blacks and to not bring “black people” to his games.

The photo that put Sterling over the edge was a photo of Stiviano with Magic Johnson. Sterling has since reportedly said that he feels he was baited by Stiviano. Before that, Sterling said he said his racist comments to get Stiviano to have sex with him.

Johnson, who co-owns the Dodgers and had an ownership stake in the Lakers, has been one of Sterling’s harshest critics, saying that he believes the Clippers will not play for anyone named Sterling next year. He has also been rumored to be a potential buyer of the team if Sterling is forced to sell.

NBA players have suggested they may boycott games if Sterling owns the team next year as Sterling and his wife, who told Barbara Walters that she intends to divorce Sterling and will fight to keep her ownership stake, fight to keep the team. Silver is trying to get 3/4 of the NBA owners to force a sale of the team and the league believes it can legally force Sterling and his wife to sell the team.

Johnson rocked the NBA and the world when he retired after announcing that he had HIV in 1991. Johnson’s and late Lakers owner’s Jerry Buss were known for their legendary partying, and Sterling may have been referring to those episodes.