Video: Cat Rescues Child from Vicious Dog Attack

Video: Cat Rescues Child from Vicious Dog Attack

A cat has saved a young boy from a vicious dog attack in a spectacular fight caught on surveillance video.

The boy is making his way up a driveway on a toddler’s balance bicycle, struggling with each step, when a local dog–with no owner in sight–spots the child, rounds a car in the driveway, and attacks the child viciously.

As the dog drags the child by the leg to the lawn, a cat appears from the top of the driveway, sprints to the scene and pounces on the dog, who immediately runs away. The cat is followed soon afterward by the boy’s mother.

The video, spliced together from security camera footage and dated May 13, was uploaded to YouTube on May 14 by the boy’s father, Roger Triantafilo. It was also presented by KERO, the ABC News affiliate in Bakersfield, CA, and featured on CNN. A report by KERO indicates that the child is fine, aside from a few stitches.